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Sunday Sunday…

After chatting to the husband about old routines we used to have when we were younger, I have decided to go back to my old Sunday routine - cleaning! When I was younger I was super disciplined - I would get up early and have the house sparking by lunch time. This suited me so… Continue reading Sunday Sunday…

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Old New Friend  

So I've gone back to playing Final Fantasy 14... This time I am playing very casually though! I really can't dedicate the time required to be a decent player but it's nice to plod and and enjoy the game at a leisurely pace. And I'm not playing as my old character either. I've purposely rolled… Continue reading Old New Friend  

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Our Japanese honeymoon adventure, March – April 2017

Now we are home and utterly miserable, I wanted to write about our Japan honeymoon in an attempt to cheer myself up and hopefully make for some interesting reading! We had been planning this honeymoon before we had even considered where we were going to get married! Whilst sitting in the departure lounge in March… Continue reading Our Japanese honeymoon adventure, March – April 2017

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Regaining the joy of reading

My wonderful parents-in-law bought me a Kindle Paperwhite for my Christmas and since then I have been HOOKED! I loved reading when I was younger but I have hardly read since University, where I managed to burn myself out reading for my degree (thanks, English Language & Literature!) and reading lost all enjoyment. It no… Continue reading Regaining the joy of reading